Petroliana is a category of collectibles that is related to gas stations or the petroleum industry. 
Petroliana memorabilia include items such as old gas pumps, fuel advertisements, enamel or tin signs, oil cans and tins, 
and road maps.

Alfred Dunhill Dunhills Motorities Oil Can

Alfred Dunhill ...

This is a very rare Dunhills oil canIt's had a small repair to the bottom seam a long long time agoA..
Avery Power Petrol Fuel Vintage Pump

Avery Power Pet...

Sorry for the poor photos but it's too heavy to manhandle out of the unit by myselfStraight out of a..
Carburol Upper Cylinder Oil Dispenser

Carburol Upper ...

Very good condition As with most things we sell needs a good clean but that's your job! If you..
Fina Fuel Petrol Dolphin Family Characters

Fina Fuel Petro...

There are 4 in the box. Original box Appear to be hand painted and made with china or porcelai..
Silver Lands End to John o Groats Trophy

Silver Lands En...

George the 5th Silver Octagonal Sugar bowlBirmingham 19244.2oz with the engraved legendLands end To ..