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13 Feb Auction is on at last
Tom Obzolete 0 213
Well at last the online auction is on!Between, covid, being snowed in, on going telephone and computer problems and a few other things it's getting close to auction time.We are having an online auction with over 350 lots!We have slot cars of all make..
21 Jan A new year and a new Blog
Tom Obzolete 0 205
Well it was a good year and a bad year.We found many classic cars and bikes and sold quite a few too.Loved the Ariel motorcycle that we bought in the Borders of Scotland and was sold down to near London.Best find had to be the Lancia Augusta which ha..
20 Oct Its finished at last!
Tom Obzolete 0 362
Well that's it finished, but as with anything like this there's always tweaks and changes to be made but for now I'm happyThe checkout is now quick, easy and of course secure.It's the 21st of October tomorrow and that is the start of uploading loads ..
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