Well it was a good year and a bad year.

We found many classic cars and bikes and sold quite a few too.

Loved the Ariel motorcycle that we bought in the Borders of Scotland and was sold down to near London.

Best find had to be the Lancia Augusta which had been in a London lockup for about 45 years, I went down stayed in a nice hotel and in the morning was full of trepidation as I had bought it on a single photograph. I had taken lots of tools and dollies etc.

The lockups were down between 2 houses which had been converted to flats and the bottom flats had built on canopies so getting the van and trailer down the road was impossible, I walked down to the garages and met a friend who had offered to help, when i saw the car i was surprised at how good a condition it was. We thought the brakes would be locked on and were ready to start taking of wheels etc but when we pushed the car it moved! The previous owner must have taken the shoes off the brake drums or something, it was stiff to move but we managed to get it on the trailer without much hassle. The car went up to Scotland only to be sold back down London way!

The car you see above is the Fiat Belvedere from Italy, which I think was the last find of the year we have the NOVA so all the new owner has to do is get it registered with the DVLA 

I am going to try and keep this blog up to date but sometimes time takes over!

Last year I was wanting to start our auctions again and the other day decided to go for it, so the first auction of the year will be on the 14th of February, it will be called the Toys Tools and Automobilia auction and will be done through the Easyliveauction platform. It's very easy to use, all you have to do is go onto Easylive and register for our auction and on the day log on and bid for what you want! It'll be live in our warehouse on Easylive and Youtube, Facebook and Instagram but you can only bid through Easylive.

If you see anything you like and want to know more just email auction@obzolete.com or call us.

I'll keep this updated as time goes by.

Thanks for reading this far!