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Model: Fairground Win a prize Pharaohs Machine RARE
We have 2 of these rare machinesThey are hard to photograph because of glassInside is an Egyption scene with Pharaohs and Elephants which take your prize to the give away chuteThey need restoration, but it looks like a wood repair to the case and a good clean of the internal mechanismsThese will loo..
Ex Tax:£1,000.00
Model: Large Antique Mantle Or Wall Mirror Possibly French
Large Antique mirror, possibly French. Slight foxing silvering but very clear.Came from a old Scottish manor house.Slight repairs here and there but I'd be worried if it didn't have any.It's heavy and new to the market.Sizes at it's outer most.Top Width 55 inchesBottom width 67 inchesHeight 64 inche..
Ex Tax:£1,495.00
Model: Large Workshop Kitchen Island Table
EX Michelin tyres factoryVery substantial and very heavy!We had 3 and there is 1 left, 2 went to kitchen refurbsIf you need sizes just ask and same with transport ..
Ex Tax:£888.00
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