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Her you will find posters, oil paintings, advertising and many more

Model: Cherry Ripe Poster on board
John Everett Millais from 1879Very nice exampleSize of poster 67cm x 48.5Size overall 74cm x 54cmWould need a frame to show it off properly..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Model: Reclining Nude Girl
Looks like a print, not sure who it's by as the framing I think covers the signitureIt's old as the phone number on the back dates the framingVery good quality, frame is good as is the glassSizes54cm x 73.5cm..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Model: REM Fowler Peugeot-Norton by Peter Heresey
Lovely print reproduced from the original by Peter HereseyNicely framed and glass enclosedIt says at the bottomPictured at the start of the first ever TT race in 1907Sizes in CM53 X 71..
Ex Tax:£49.99
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