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Car Truck Mascots and Badges

Here we have car, truck and other Mascots.

These were used to show the maker of the vehicle and added some style and class

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Model: Large Kingfisher Car mascot
This one beats meNo idea what it's off, could be commercial?Underneath the cap there are numbers 41697/B plus another unreadable stampIt's nicely made but the cap could have been separate and the bird soldered on top of it..
Ex Tax:£0.00
Model: Morgan Cars Mascot of a Stork
Made for early MorgansVery good conditionVery Art Deco and very elegant..
Ex Tax:£0.00
Model: Peugeot Lions head car mascot
Very good conditionScrew length is good, has the Red mouth27 CM's from tip to toe..
Ex Tax:£0.00
Model: Raleigh Badge
Used? No idea. Comes with rivets..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Model: Swift or Swallow car or sidecar mascot
This could be an aftermarket mascotI think it's from the sidecar maker Jaguar Swallow..
Ex Tax:£0.00
Model: The Lucky Five car Mascot
Brilliant! I love these, this is the third one in about 10 years, last one went to the USAA Lucky Five mascot Circa 1923/4Number 699811 so it's an early one.5 symbols are, Cat (usually Black but long rubbed off) Horseshoe, Wishbone, 4 leaf clover, and the Indian swastika.Including the plinth it..
Ex Tax:£999.00
Model: Vulcan Blacksmith Car Mascot
Approx 1911 - 1920Early example as the head is turned to the rightVery nice example on a wooden plinth..
Ex Tax:£0.00
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