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Rotary and Indexing Tables

A rotary indexing table is specifically designed to make repetitive moves around a platform.

Essentially, they are highly precise work-positioning devices that index parts to be worked or machined in multiple operations.

Model: David Piddington 5 inch Rotary and Indexing Table
From what i can find out these are hand made rotary and indexing tables.Included in the box is the plans for it so you can see how it was made and also build another one!It really is a beautiful piece of engineeringWhoever made this knew what they were doingWeighs 12 kilo's..
Ex Tax:£249.00
Model: Vertex HV6 Rotary table with 3 dividing tables
Comes with everything you see in the picturesAll in very good order and smooth operation, has had very light use6 inchComes in the wooden box and 3 dividing tablesWeighs 16 kg's..
Ex Tax:£199.00
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